The Shoes I Walk In

Summer is back again in Switzerland. We had a couple of cloudy windy days and now it all has changed to warmer days and sunny afternoons by the river. This is the second time I collaborate with Sandgrens Clogs. The trust given to me to create more content is always wonderful to receive. The photographs here are in my studio. With high ceilings and old walls, this place inspires me greatly. 

I am wearing the Saragasso in black.

Once more, LINENFOX

One of the first clothing brands I got to collaborate with when I arrived in Bern was Linenfox. A beautiful team is behind every design, and I am one of the lucky ones who have had the opportunity to wear their garments and photograph them around this city I now call home. Here are the images my husband, Roger, and I created. Spring is here though the sun is still shy. 

I am wearing Alice Dress in natural grey stripes, this is an oversized dress with a beautiful fall and soft. I am wearing a size small. 

This last image is a Self-portrait I made in my studio in Bern, an ode to spring and the freedom we feel as the weather starts to change. 

In this Self-portrait, I am wearing an oversized jacket in grey checks. 


I spent the Christmas holidays in Mexico City and took with me the handmade knitted short sweater in black from Rūkė & a dress from Pyne & Smith Clothiers. We made a short trip to Oaxaca City and made some images in a beautiful place named Etla and around Oaxaca’s center. I wished I had taken images of the food we had because it was amazing, but I will leave mole to your best imagination. :) 

I also want to mention Rūkė, a brand I have had the opportunity to collaborate with, and I can’t stress this enough: their quality is just amazing, their sweaters are handmade, soft and stylish. Do have a look on their website, they have many sweaters I know you will love Rūkė

Women Arranging Flowers

If you are not familiar with Artifact Uprising and you’d love to print images, they are a great company to work with, I have had my photographs printed with them twice, first in a small set of square prints and now with a large format print. They printed in matte paper and the print does match the colors I see on screen. If you have ever printed images yourself, then you understand when I say printing is a delicate art and they excell at it. I made a self-portrait with the image Artifact Uprising printed.

*The frame was not included.

Using Format