Photographer based in Bern, Switzerland.


Daniela Constantini is a Mexican photographer living in Bern, Switzerland. She is a graduate of the Visual Journalism and Documentary Practice program at the International Center of Photography in New York. She was awarded the Rita K. Hillman Excellence Award for her documentary project Days of Silence, a portraiture essay depicting deafness through the lives of a couple, two young brothers, and a young man. All around objects, actions, family, and friends in a space with no sound. 

She became a Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Winner with her Series on Women. A portraiture essay about the women in her past and her present. Her portraits were exhibited at BBA Gallery in Berlin, and Studio Gallery B&B in Paris.  

In 2020 her work was selected by an expert jury and published on Fresh Eyes 2020 a book presenting the 100 greatest emerging photographers in Europe. 

She is a 2019 Dior Photography Award For Young Talents laureate. Her portraits on the subject "Woman-Women Faces" "Color, Femininity & Beauty" exhibited collectively alongside nine laureates from the most prestigious photography schools around the world in DIOR The Art of Color  Exhibition, Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles. 

In September 2019 her still life work was selected by Alison Zavos founder of Feature Shoot and The Print Swap and editor Ellyn Kail and exhibited in a collective exhibition at Photoville, a premier photography destination held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York.

In 2015 Errr-Magazine, a Mexican magazine devoted to art and literature published her first novel, El gato me da igual. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and a major in Journalism from Universidad Ibero located in Mexico City.


2021- Agave Magazine Ausgabe Frühjahr 2021, Stil

2021 - GUP Magazine & Fresh Eyes "Still life" 

2020- FRESH EYES 2020 BOOK 

2020- The Print Swap Book 

2020- Portrait Magazine Issue 12 

2020- FINE ART PHOTO Issue 28 

2019- W Magazine DIOR The Art of Color 

2019- DIOR The Art of Color Catalogue (Book)


2021 Independent Photographer Open Call Award Finalist. 

2021 Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Series Winner. Exhibiting in at BBA Gallery in Berlin, and Studio Gallery B&B in Paris.  

2020 Selected amongst the best emerging talents in Europe powered by GUP Magazine.

2019 "DIOR The Art of Color" DIOR Photography Award For Young Talents, Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, France.  

2016 Rita K. Hillman Excellence Award



2022 - Werkschau Bern, Kornhausforum, Bern, Switzerland.


2021 - Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Series Winner, Studio Gallery B&B, Paris, France, November 7th.   

2021 - Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards, Series Winner, BBA Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2021- Instituto IMAGO, Black and White International Photography Award. Mexico City. 

2021- International Photo Festival Olten. PHOTOVILLE 4600. Best of Swiss Photography, Olten, Switzerland. 

2021 - Folley Gallery, Collective Exhibition, The Print Swap, New York, New York.

2020- "Fresh Eyes 2020 Talents" Fresh Eyes Photo Fair,  Westergas, Amsterdam. 

2020- "A Show of Hands", Don't Take Pictures Magazine, online exhibition.

2019- “The Print Swap Exhibition”, as part of Feature Shoot and The Print Swap exhibiting “Untitled” a still life photograph, Photoville, Brooklyn, New York.

2019- "DIOR The Art of Color" DIOR Photography Award For Young Talents, Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles, France.

2019 - "Still Life & Portraiture" Criterion Festival, Zürich, Switzerland.

2016 - "Days of Silence" for Another Kind of Paradise, International Center of Photography, New York.



"Citrus fruits, delicate daisies, vivid green savoy cabbages and slices of ripe, succulent melons, among many other things, form the rich imagery of Mexican photographer Daniela Constantini's latest photographic project, Still Life.

Her photographs derive much of their stylistic qualities from the still life traditions of Western painting — in particular, those developed in the 16th and 17th centuries by the likes of Dutch Golden age painters like Pieter Claesz, as well as those in the Spanish Baroque tradition of Juan Sánchez Cotán — yet the inclusion of female subjects, personal acquaintances of the photographer, adds an intimate dimension to her highly stylized images. Beyond the photographic series' root in traditional artistic conventions like the still life, Constantini attempts to convey a sense of nostalgia for her hometown of Mexico City — now residing in Bern, Switzerland, her photographs endeavor to fuse the bountiful inspiration she draws from the medieval city of her current place of residence with the poetic identity of her hometown, synthesizing past and present through the photographic medium [...] Constantini makes ample use of historical motifs, reappropriating them for the modern context in contrast with the motifs of today. The symbols are subtle and easy to miss at first glance: the red nail polish, the cigarette, the hoop earring. The choice of clothing for her subjects suggests a repudiation of modern styles, favoring more classical silhouettes, yet their material quality betrays their origins in the contemporary..."*

*Sophie Beerens for FRESH EYES PHOTO Powered by GUP Magazine.



"...The Latinamerican and the European merge in the portraits and still lifes of the Mexican photographer and writer Daniela Constantini, who lives and works in Bern. Her photographs are reminiscent of classical Dutch paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries. Constantini is a master of contrasts: the dark colors in the background give the images a depth and a touch of melancholy, but the bright colors of the fruit or clothing break with this. She captures the mood of the Golden Age with her camera, but the modernity can be recognized by the fact that mainly women are depicted, and at a second glance one discovers that they wear nail polish and earrings.The images seem meticulously staged, but the insects make it seem like a snapshot"*

*Maike Salazar Kämpf for AGAVE Magazine.



"The final result by Daniela Constantini presented at DIOR The Art of Color "Woman-Women Faces, Color, Femininity and Beauty, is a poetic and disquieting series of portraits of women, including some self-portraits. Flamboyant-hued flowers blossom while fragile butterflies land on faces. Magali, Flavia, Entwined...Whether the women were close friends or new acquaintances, used to posing or complete novices, they all inspired her intensely. She sought to establish a connection with them and to reveal an unknown part of themselves. In this process, color plays a preponderant role."* 

I see color in our femininity, I see color in our movements. I see color in the connections created to the women we are close to and the ones we haven't met we are set to meet. These colors feel warm and enlighten us so we can open our eyes and own our beauty and our many selves. 

Dior, The Art of Color Exhibition at Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles supported by LUMA Arles. 

*Extract from Dior The Art Of Color 2019 Catalog.

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