I want to dedicate this post to OFFON.

The fisrt clothing brand I collaborated with back when I was living in New York. A year after our firts collaboration I reached out to Simona again and this is what I made with the garment she sent me.

Flavia At Sunset with Rawson Chicago

I recently discovered a magical spot on my way to the studio. A train ride that has this special something, I don’t know if it is because I am on my way to shoot or if the road on its own has a secret to its influence on me. Between two seemingly unimpressive towns there it was, a place hidden between trees, with a brook reflecting light, and a tree receiving the most magical evening light. 

Blouse from: Rawson Chicago

Rūkė + Sjaelv

Having a studio in what used to be a paper factory is extremely inspiring. I love imagining people working in a distant time. Old walls, dusty floors, and high ceilings are what makes this studio a perfect home for my forever lasting photographs. 

Leather phone wallet from Sjaelv Bags & market bag + tea towels from Rūkė. 

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