In 2017 I had the opportunity to collaborate with Scaramanga UK for the very first time. If you wonder then why am I posting these photographs now, well, I moved my entire website, so here I am rebuilding my blog and trying to not miss any of the posts I made last year. It is a never-ending job, so I might skip some posts, no harm intended, it is just that I really don’t like spending a lot of time in front of the computer. I’ll make sure to post only the best of the best I have made thus far. Here is the link to Scaramanga UK, they have a wide range of leather goods, from bags to furniture. It is one of my favorite brands, I have been in love with them since I ran into their store since 2014. And! I was fortunate enough to collaborate with them again in 2018 for their spring/summer collection. Some of the photos can be found here!

In collaboration with Roger Bucher

In collaboration with Roger Bucher

Sandgrens Clogs

I walked around Bern wearing these cute clogs. For the most part, I photograph in collaboration with Roger Bucher; we both love working with each other, and being both photographers has been a major plus in our relationship. Plus we always bring something new to each other’s work. Roger and I worked together in this shoot for Sandgrens Clogs. I hope you like the photos and I totally recommend you check their designs. They are really comfortable and to say the obvious they are so so so good looking. 

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