Tons of breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most precious rituals. I began taking photographs of my breakfast in 2014 and shared on Instagram my mornings through sunny-side-up eggs, black coffee, occasional pancakes, and waffles. My breakfast scenes got the attention of Instagram itself, which lead to the company promoting my account and eventually licensing one of my photographs for their hashtag promotion #OnTheTable. Thousands of followers shared my pleasure for breakfast and for that I am forever grateful. 

All images here have been styled and photographed by me. 


In 2017 I had the opportunity to collaborate with Scaramanga UK for the very first time. If you wonder then why am I posting these photographs now, well, I moved my entire website, so here I am rebuilding my blog and trying not to miss any of the posts I made last year. I’ll make sure to post only the best of the best I have made thus far. Here is the link to Scaramanga UK, they have a wide range of leather goods, from bags to furniture. It is one of my favorite brands, I have been in love with them since I ran into their store since 2014. And! I was fortunate to collaborate with them again in 2018 for their spring/summer collection. Some of the photos can be found here!

In collaboration with Roger Bucher

In collaboration with Roger Bucher

Sandgrens Clogs

I walked around Bern wearing these cute clogs. For the most part, I photograph in collaboration with Roger Bucher; we both love working with each other, and being both photographers has been a major plus in our relationship. Plus we always bring something new to each other’s work. Roger and I worked together in this shoot for Sandgrens Clogs. I hope you like the photos and I totally recommend you check their designs. They are really comfortable and to say the obvious they are so so so good looking. 

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